Breast Cancer Awareness

Knowing How Your Breasts Normally Feel Will Help You Be Aware Of Any Changes :  

        Know What’s Normal For You

        Look At Your Breasts & Feel Them

        Know What Changes To Look For

        Report Any Changes Without Delay

        Attend Routine Screening If Invite


Be Aware Of Any Changes to Your Breast:


     Changes To Size, Outline Or Shape, Especially Caused By Arm Movements Or Lifting

     Puckering, Dimpling Or Any Other Changes To The Skin

     Unusual Discomfort Or Pain In One Breast – Especially If New Or Persistent

     New Lumps, Thickening Or Bumpy Areas In One Breast Or Armpit That Differs From The Other

     Discharge From Either Nipple (Which May Be Streaked With Blood)

     Pain In Either Of The Breasts Or Armpit Not Related To Normal Period

     A Rash On Or Around The Nipple

     Change In Appearance Of The Nipple Such As Becoming Sunken Into Breast Or Inverted

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