Reducing Cancer Risk

There Are No Proven Ways To Prevent Cancer - But There Are Ways To Reduce Risk

Reducing Cancer Risk

Ways to Reduce Cancer Risk:

  • Give Up Smoking 
  • Maintain A Health Weight
  • Eat A Healthy Balanced Diet
  • Reduce Alcohol Consumption
  • Protect Skin From The Sun


Eating A Healthy Balanced Diet  -

  • Try To Have At Least 5 Portions Of Fruit & Veg Daily – Preferably More
  • Eat Some Protein With Meals Every Day
  • Include Some Milk & Dairy Products
  • Limit Processed Foods & Sugar / Fat
  • Try To Eat As Much Fibre As Possible: Wholegrain Pasta, Rice, Bread, Cereal, Pulses, Fruit & Vegetables


Red Or Processed Meat - A Good Source Of Protein But There May Be A Link To Cancer:  So Limit The Amount You Eat

Beta-Carotene - Often Found Included In Multi-Vitamin Supplements  :  Can Increase Risk Of Lung Cancer In Large Doses

Being Overweight Can Increase Risk Of The Following:

  • Bowel Cancer
  • Pancreatic
  • Oesopheagel
  • Breast – In Post Menopausal Women
  • Womb
  • Kidney Cancer

Frequently Drinking Too Much Alcohol Can Increase The Risk Of:

  • Mouth Cancer
  • Cancer Of The Pharynx / Larynx
  • Oesopheagel
  • Colonectal Cancer In Men
  • Breast



Lung Cancer Causes About One Quarter Of All Deaths By Cancer In The Uk  :  Smoking Causes 90% Of All Cases Of Lung Disease In The Uk

The Earlier You Stop Smoking The Better – But Its Never Too Late : Those Who Quit In Their 30s Live Almost As Long As Non-Smokers   & Even In 50s You Can Undo Half The Damage Reducing Cancer Risk


  • Try To Stay In The Shade From  11am – 3pm
  • Cover Up With T-Shirt, Hat, Sunglasses
  • Don’t Let Children Burn
  • Use Sunscreen Of At Least Spf 15
  • Watch Freckles Or Moles For Changes - Bleeding, Size, Outline, Itching
  • The Earlier Skin Cancer Is Detected, The Easier It Is To Treat

Cancer Screening


There Are Several Programmes That Save  Thousands Of Lives Each Year  :

  • Breast  -  Mammograms Can Detect
  • Tumours At An Early Stage :  Potentially Before A Lump Appeared.
  • All Women Aged 50-70 Are Invited Every 3 Years – This Will Shortly Be Extended To Those Aged 47-73

Cancer Screening:


Breast - Some Women with A Family History of Breast Cancer May Be Offered Screening Earlier – Although Mammograms Are Not Ideal For Younger Women Due To the Increased Density of Breast Tissue


Cervical - Cancer Research UK Estimates Cervical Cancer Screening Saves 4,500 Lives In The UK Annually. Women Aged 25 – 49 Are Invited Every 3 Years:   Those 50 – 64 Every 5 years.

Bowel    -   1 In 12 People in the UK Will Develop Bowel Cancer During Their Lifetimes. This Makes It The Third Most Common Cancer & Second Leading Cause Of Death With 16,000 Each Year 


Screening Aims To

  • Detect Cancer At An Early Stage When Treatment Is More Likely To Work.
  • Men & Women Aged 60 – 69 Will Be Invited To Screening Every 2 Years.
  • Screening Involves A Faecal Occult Sample Taken At Home & Sent Off To The Laboratory


98% Of Tests Are Clear – Should Results Be Abnormal Further Investigation Will Normally Involve A Colonoscopy. It Is Best To Discuss The Benefits &Risks Of Screening With Your GP So You Can Make An Informed Choice


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