DNA Policy (GP and Hospital Appointments)

In order to be able to offer patients appointments as soon as possible it is important that all appointment which are booked are attended as unattended appointments could be used by other patients.



  • To Free Up Appointments for Patients Who Genuinely Need Them
  • To Avoid Wasting Clinician’s Time (Both GP's and Nurses)
  • To Have Staff be Able To Offer Patients a Wider Choice of Available Appointments


Unattended GP Appointments


First DNA: A note will be made on your patients record to indicate that you did not attend either a GP or Nurses appointment.


Second DNA:  A second note will be made to indicate that you did not attend either a GP or Nurses appointment and a letter will be sent to you the patient informing you of the importance of attending booked appointments


Third DNA: A third note will me made in your patient record to indicate that you did not attend either a GP or Nurses appointment.  A pop-up will be added to the patient’s record and you the patient will be reminded of the importance of attending appointments when making further appointments.


The surgery will use its discretion in order to determine when a patient meets any of the formal DNA criteria.


In addition statistics will be kept and published monthly on the surgery website to indicate the number of missed clinical appointments.


Unattended Hospital Appointments


In the event that a patient does not attend a hospital referral they will be sent a letter by the hospital and a copy will be sent to the surgery, this letter will be scanned to the patient’s records and they will be read-coded as having not attended their appointment. The surgery will then wait for contact from the patient. If the patient has a genuine reason for not attending such as not receiving the appointment they will be re-referred, if they have no reason for not attending they will need to begin the referral process again from the beginning. 

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